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Welcome to CTC’s world of innovative office and banking solutions. Our commitment to automation and digital transformation is at the core of everything we offer. With over two decades of experience, we understand the unique needs of businesses in Egypt and the GCC region.

Products & solutions

Folding / inserting Machines

It's a smart automated filling envelopes and collating content to personalization, we offer a comprehensive range of inserting machines– from simple, basic machines to smart, fully automated, high-performance systems for high volume mailings and the most demanding of applications.

Card Enveloping Machines

It's smart automated filling envelope with plastic cards and collating content to personalization. Our card mailing systems for un-personalized and personalized plastic cards offer the right solution for any requirements.

Book scanners

If you need to digitize large-size documents, A3, A3+, A2, A1 valuable books, and maps, the product family provides a future-proof solution for every requirement. which was developed working closely with experienced archivists and completes the product family. With an opening angle of 90°, it meets the standard of restorers not to scan old and historically valuable books with an opening angle of 180°, 140° or 120° but with a maximum of 90°.

large format Scanners

ROWE has fulfilled a vision with its new ROWE Scan series (450i series & 850i series ) Development of a new class of high-tech scanners “Made in Germany“ with groundbreaking innovations. ROWE was awarded one of the highest prizes for innovative products by an independent expert jury. The ROWE Scan 450i has three models with scanning widths of 24", 36" and 44". Standard equipment for all large format scanners is SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES, ROWE ScanCloud.

Document & media scanners

No more compromises! The InoTec brings true production scanning to the mid,high-volume segment and sets completely new standards there.

The SCAMAX® 3×1 is the little brother of the throughput sensation SCAMAX series It combines the 24/7 DNA and numerous premium functionalities of the world’s leading desktop device with even more compact device dimensions and even more favorable conditions

The SCAMAX® 6×1 is as compact as a table device but it scans with the power and the capacity of a high-performance scanner: faster, with greater persistence, and more reliably than any scanner of its size. Developed for 24/7 operation, it sets standards for document throughput, scanning quality, process efficiency, and user-friendliness.

The SCAMAX® 8×1 With up to 300 sheets per minute and continuous 24/7 durability, the SCAMAX® 8×1 exceeds the throughput of some open track scanners – with its floor area of just one square meter. 
It is your smart and sustainable selection for the day-to-day scanning and sorting of document quantities in the five- to six-digit range.

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UV Check scanners & sorters

The check scanner is designed with the Customer in mind, with devotion the greatest to improving their efficient user experience. Efficient image-based check truncation Its combination of undisputed reliability on the basics of check reading & capture :
  • Accurate MICR reading
  •  Superior image quality & UV capture
  •  CBE compliance
  •  Endorsement printing options



                                           Check Truncation System
                                                   “Express Clear”

An enterprise-level payment presentment and settlement platform for a multi-location, multi-branch banking organization. It truncates the physical instrument/form at the branch of deposit/point of first deposit/customer end/vendor location, captures instrument image and credit side data, seamlessly integrates with the accounting systems/cash management systems, moves it through an automated workflow, presents to the “ideal” clearing and settlement enabler / settles the transactions, and delivers funds faster to customers.

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  • Core Cheque Truncation System
  • Fully web-enabled, multi-grid – CTS including Capture
  • Flexibility of Inward processing (BOFD wise / Amount wise / Drawee Sort Code wise / Instrument Type wise)
  • Plug and play with all leading cheque scanners available
  • Platform Independent
  • User Access & Data grouping – prioritized segregation
  • Dynamic Views (Full / snippet)
  • Parallel processing
  • Horizontally & vertically scalable
  • Straight-through processing with seamless integration with core accounting systems
  • Dashboards to monitor transaction status in real-time
  • A robust reporting engine that can be scheduled to run preset reports and deliver them to end users

Document Management

Discover how CTC can optimize your office with our tailored automation solutions:


Archiving & CM

DocuWare is a state-of-the-art platform that allows you to manage, process, and utilize business information — centrally, quickly, and effectively. The comprehensive capabilities and functions of our document management and workflow solutions can be integrated into any IT system to digitize manual or paper-based business processes from any department. Boost your company‘s productivity and make everyday work easier for your teams.


Document Authentication

A patented solution generating dynamically on the document an Enqrypted QR-Code
Adding security features to the document independently from the type of the application through an integrated closed loop communication with the back end platform producing Anti-Fraud Document. Besides , while capturing the document and decrypting the QR-Code , a real time digitization will be ready for uploading to the archiving platform including indexed meta data.



Arabic OCR

Based on the industry-leading OCR recognition technology, CTC -developed a character recognition system which can recognize Egyptian National ID,
Relying on deep learning technology and massive image samples,

This engine accurately detect the text in different pictures, and realize rapid recognition generating very precise results thanks to the high accuracy > 98%.


Remote maganment system “RMS”

Web access application, verify the status of any check scanner, or query the database for any historical statistics. any cheque scanners deployed at branches become under the control of the support team to monitor MICR and OCR decoding statistics and image quality feedback from every device capability to trace most of the problems before they affect the user.
An automatic email system informs you which scanners should be replaced or which users might need additional training.the email alerts can be filtered to indicate which situation needs to be alerted by email and at which level. Capability to control different cheque scanner models or mixed brands (VIPS-Glory –Panini-Hantle –Canon ….etc. ) the capability of customizing views in real-time and exporting worksheets with statistics of devices Image Quality Assurance, which allows the control of image quality compliant with CBE requirements.

Outsourcing services

Mailing & card mailing End To End Services.

1-Bank statements and credit card handling
2-Machine operation and controlling
3-Envelopes quality assurance
4-Following customer rules

Documents and large-format scanning End To End Services.

1.Documents preparation
2.Barcode printing
3.Scanning operation and controlling
4.Data entry if required and indexing
5.Image quality control
6.Re-assembling documents.

Maintenance Services & After Sales Support

CTC is a credible vendor WRT the outstanding after sales support arise from our knowledgeable team as well as our valuable resources available 24/7 thru our certified maintenance center providing integrated services to our customers in different sectors all over Egypt Governates.