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At CTC, we believe that knowledge sharing and networking are essential for growth and success. Our events are designed to bring together professionals, industry experts, and businesses to explore the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in automation and digital transformation.


Our webinars provide a platform for you to engage with industry experts and thought leaders. These online sessions cover a wide range of topics, from emerging technologies to practical case studies. Join our webinars to gain insights, ask questions, and stay informed about the latest developments.


Our webinar topics are carefully selected to address the most relevant issues and opportunities in automation and digital transformation.

Interactive Q&A

Participate in live Q&A sessions to get answers to your specific questions from experts in the field.

On-Demand Access

Can’t make it to the live session? No worries! We provide on-demand access to recorded webinars so you can catch up at your convenience.

Seminars and Workshops

Our in-person seminars and workshops are tailored to provide a deeper understanding of specific topics related to automation, digital banking, and more. These events offer opportunities for hands-on learning, networking, and knowledge exchange.

  • Expert-Led: Led by industry experts and experienced professionals, our seminars and workshops provide practical insights and actionable takeaways.

  • Collaboration: Engage in interactive discussions and collaborative activities to enhance your skills and understanding of key subjects.

  • Networking: Connect with peers who share your interests and goals, fostering valuable professional relationships.

Product Launches and Demonstrations

Stay ahead of the curve by attending our product launches and demonstrations. These events offer a firsthand look at the latest innovations in office automation and banking solutions.

  • Exclusive Access: Get exclusive access to cutting-edge technologies and solutions before they hit the market.

  • Live Demonstrations: See our products in action and learn how they can revolutionize your business operations.

  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from our experts about how our solutions can address your specific challenges.

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Our Team

Behind every successful project and satisfied customer, there is a dedicated and passionate team at CTC. Our professionals bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and creativity to the table.

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